Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Great Delivery pt1

The depression didnt go away i got really jealous and was always crying.. a couple weeks later i was sitting watching my boyfriend play call of duty i could feel my hips seperating more and more each day, the feeling is spectacular. (JK) At 28 weeks i began to go into premature labor my little guy was trying to come out to early so i had to go get a steroid injection to help his lungs develop quicker in case he did come early, DAMN was that a big ass needle and ouch it fucking hurt i couldnt walk right for like 3 days after that. i now felt miserable anxious scared nervous so many mixed emotions, I still hadnt decided if i was going to keep my son or put him up for adoption. i wanted him to have a better life then i have had.....a few weeks later i was going to hop in the shower because the pain was getting tremendously worse, i squatted down so that i could pick something up and oh my god "I THINK MY WATER JUST BROKE" I shreiked. i went into my room to tell my boyfriend he ignored me he like always had something better to do, i went and told jessica. another person who was there alot for me and still is here for me. she finally snapped some since into the mother fucker my mom was gone in the only vehicle doing what she does best trying to buy pills....another deal gone bad i can already tell by how long she is taking, jessica tells her she needs to get back like now to take me to the hospital i forgot to mention the kinda of abnormal part where i actually tasted the liquid that came out of me to make sure that i was positive it wasnt urine.. i almost was positive that the baby would be coming mom wasnt there for another hour and a half.

I arrived at the hospital a little after two in the morning i tell them well i had my mom tell them that i was almost positive that my water broke they did a little check to see how much i was dialated 4 1/2 still a long way to go says the nurse and walks away.. i sit there for what seems like hours i look and it had only been two hours, the nurse came into do another check i tell the pain is about an 8 she asks me if i am going to want the epidural i tell no i am going to be doing it natural. i was now dialated to a 6.

two more hours went by i had already fallen asleep and woke up what seems like a hundred times. again the nurse was back in to check it was now 6 am. i was only about a 61/2 i asked my boyfriend to go get me something to eat, him and my dad disapeared for hours my mom finally woke up around 8 they tell me no change when they did that check i tell my mom that i need to call my sister in law...